SRKS Software Solutions

About Us

In this Era, digital manufacturing is the head of the hour. Manufacturing adapting to automation and software has made new inroads. SRKS software is one such company, which has its presence in digital Manufacturing. Solutions like Automate Job Cards, ANDON display (through LED’s and TV’s),OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Production Monitory, CRM(Customer Relationship Mapping), mini ERP etc. have stood out with customers which paved a strong way for.

Digital Manufacturing:

The company has also envisaged digital India concept and hence working on a prototype which shall put us ahead in the race.SRKS has innovative team which is a mixed bag of youth & experienced professionals. SRKS has an experienced advisory bench to mentor the team is aiding futuristic approach.“SRKS has a customer friendly & centric approach”. We adhere to a phenomenon of putting “a customer is ahead of business”.

SRKS strives in brining quality and excellence in the process to be implemented. Service that we provide has got us 95% of repeat orders. Our record proves the quality of delivery and commitment service.As a company we provide strict safety of our employees. We don’t encourage women employees working beyond 18:30 hrs.All of SRKS follows agile and scrum methodology for its projects. We set & give our employees with good KPI’s for their continued betterment.


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