CMMS: Computarized Maintenance Management System

A CMMS system is computer software that helps maintenance teams keep a record of all assets they are responsible for, schedule and track maintenance tasks, and keep a historical record of work they perform. 

 SRKS CMMS Software Application will give the following features

    • Live Dashboards
    • Planned/Preventive Maintenance Management with Notification and Alerts.
    • Task Management and Allocation
    • Maintain Maintenance Inventory
    • Record & Maintain Work History
    • Work Request
    • Work Order Tracking
    • Integration with ERP Software like SAP, Progress Edge etc.

 CMMS Benefits:

    • Reduce unexpected shutdowns and emergencies
    • Extend equipment’s useful life
    • Improve Jobs Request Control
    • Centralized maintenance data storage
    • Quick access to historical data